Interface Talent Review – Why Use Us Rather Than a Talent Agency?

By Robert Ensign | Social Media & Content Specialist at InterFACE Talent, New York City – Thursday September 19, 2013

InterFACE Talent Reviews – We are your elite industry connection.

An InterFACE Talent Review – There are big differences between us and a traditional talent agency. What are our advantages over a talent agency?

What are our advantages over a traditional talent agency?

We connect you with real industry opportunities. For many aspiring talent, we provide the perfect entry-point into the industry. Many of our clients experience their first breakthrough success with our help. And they build upon this initial success and good fortune to create careers in the entertainment industry.

And it’s all because as our client you have three important benefits on your side:

(1) You have an industry expert working for you

(2) You’re getting mass exposure to our extensive network of industry professionals

(3) We’re promoting you to these industry professionals, who in turn can get you industry opportunities!

What kind of opportunities can you get? Opportunities like TV, film and advertising work for actors; opportunities like runway, magazine shoot and fashion show work for models; opportunities like music video and Broadway work for singers and dancers.

Just visit our website to see the incredibly vast variety of exciting opportunities our clients have enjoyed!

Maybe now you’re rushing to go sign up for InterFACE Talent. If you don’t mind though, I’d like to quickly explain in detail how we work so you’re better prepared for your future as our client.

For one, let’s be clear: InterFACE Talent is a talent marketing service. We are not an agency. Is there a difference? In fact, there’s a big difference between us and agencies, which we think makes us the better choice for aspiring talent like you. Let’s break it down:

(1)  Agencies and agents take pay cuts from your work earnings. If you’re represented by an agent, every time you get industry work they take 10 to 15 percent of your pay. We never touch a dime. Whenever you get industry work through us, you keep everything you’ve earned. You’ve earned it!

(2)   Before you even think about compensating your agent, you need to get an agent. But frankly, agents don’t bother with new talent with no industry credits (commercial and print agents, however, may be, in some cases, an exception). It’s simple: to get industry credits and then an agent, you need to first get industry work. As a talent marketing service we open up the gateway to the start of your industry career. Often getting our clients their first credits, you can finally get credit for your talent and get your big break!

(3)  Starting off in modeling and entertainment, you need marketing materials. At the very least, you MUST HAVE a headshot. Agencies typically pay for headshots. As a talent marketing service, our clients pay for their own photo shoot and headshots.

Why pay for an expensive photo shoot and headshots? For one, a professional photo shoot and head shots are a critical key to marketing you to industry professionals. Even more, when you buy a photo shoot with InterFACE Talent you’re demonstrating you’re commitment. You’re investing in your immediate future and you’re showing the industry you’re serious about your success!

Whether you’re an actor, model, singer or dancer, with InterFACE Talent you can find opportunities in your industry of choice.

Don’t spend a lifetime struggling to get recognized for your talent. Sadly, too often aspiring talent follows dead ends. And if you manage to avoid dead ends, you’re blocked by industry insiders and gatekeepers.

Don’t be alone. Stop being lost. Get with us to get guidance, get access and real chance to succeed!

Let us help you launch your career like we have so many of our clients. Join us today to join the many who have experienced the thrill of discovering their potential! Open up your eyes. Quit dreaming and capture your dream now! Find your breakthrough success with InterFACE Talent!

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