History of Modeling: InterFACE Shines Light on the Glamour Industry through the Years, Part 1

By John Burnett

The models that grace today’s most popular fashion magazines and cosmetic campaigns are famously well paid, recognizable, and self-branded.  The success they achieve, as well as the countless opportunities they encounter, is the result of the cumulative effort put forth by countless models over the last century.  It may be hard to imagine, but the history of modeling, like many female-centered industries, has come a long way from much more humble beginnings.  Reflecting back on the history of the modeling allows us to see the fluctuations, and progress, that have shaped the industry into what it is today. It is common knowledge that the modeling and fashion are intertwined, if not utterly synonymous.  However, the fascinating thing about modeling is that it doesn’t just represent the changes in fashion, but moreover the shifting landscapes of society. By the time the early 20th century was in full swing, selling clothes had become big business.  Within the fashion industry, marketing and franchising were taking leaps and bounds forward, and commercial photography was making its introduction.  Adolph de Meyer was leading this photographic revolution, and by 1915 he was taking captivating photos of Hollywood’s elite, such as Rose Delores and Ann Andrews.

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InterFACE Talent Network Helps Build Confidence in your Teen Girl

Growing up, especially during the teen years, can be tough on a young lady.  Cliques, bullying, and pressure can whittle down self-confidence, and put your teen in a difficult position.  What can you do if you think your teen’s self-esteem is suffering?  One great idea is to take your child for a professional photo shoot. You may not realize it right away, but the photo session can have both tangible, and intangible, benefits.

Firstly, a professional photo shoot can be a great way for your teen to discover new style ideas for themselves.  The photographer will experiment with outfits, makeup, and hairstyles, giving your teen a plethora of new looks.  Continue reading read more

Inter face Talent Breaks Down Photos: To Pay or Not to Pay?

inter face talent explains why you have to pay for photos Most of the time, aspiring models and actors are not sure what is the right thing to do when approached with the idea that they  need to pay for head shots to become a client at InterFACE.

Aspiring talent needs to be aware that head shots are a necessity in the industry, and that is a fact- plain and simple. Obtaining these photos is the key to their success, allowing their talent and look to be showcased to agencies and professionals.

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Interface Talent Reviews Can Be Misleading

interface talent reviews can be misleading




The internet is a go-to source for reviews on pretty much any company operating today.  However while many people use this as a basis of whether to purchase a product or service, there are times these reviews can be misleading. InterFACE is not immune to negative reviews no matter the multitude of positive experiences we receive from clients. Although a quick search of our online services will provide you reviews to draw your own conclusion, you will quickly find reviewers with biased opinions with claims greater than what they have accused InterFACE. This is not to say that we have not made mistakes. We do not hide the fact that at times InterFACE has had a few stumbles and we work to rectify each situation. There are several claims that were penned by people who had never even used InterFACE Talent’s services,  causing people to question the authenticity of InterFACE. We accept that there are bound to be people who will have less than stellar things to say about InterFACE which can stem from many sources such as a confusion about our business model and unrealistic goals. read more

InterFACE Modeling Scams and Misleading Internet Reviews

By Robert Ensign | Social Media & Content Specialist at InterFACE Talent, New York City – Tuesday October 22, 2013

After reviewing InterFACE Talent’s internet reviews and complaints of InterFACE it’s clear a few things are happening:

  1. Some clients think success is guaranteed.
  2. Some clients think fashion and entertainment are easy to break into.
  3. Some clients think what they want to, and then blame InterFACE when things happen differently.
  4. Some clients simply have “buyer’s remorse,” regret their decision and blame InterFACE.

A Closer Look at Claims About InterFACE Modeling Scams

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